No stranger to hard work, Grace Chon has had various jobs throughout the years. Some of her most memorable ones include working as “the-intern-who-stands- there-with-the-net-incase-the-flying-squirrel-escapes-again” at the Philadelphia Zoo, and the employee “most-able-to-keep-a-smile-on-her face-while-cranky- Italians-scream-coffee-orders-at-her-in-their-mother-tongue.” If there were any awards given for such feats, surely she would have won several.

While she is proud of accumulating such an odd collection of jobs, she is most excited to have entered the Advertising industry as an Art Director. Though she remembers her days of explaining the difference between sugar and salt scrubs to yuppie ladies quite fondly, Grace enjoys being an Art Director the most and is glad she will never have to centrifuge bovine blood samples ever again.

When she’s not reminiscing about old jobs in the third person, Grace likes to cook, re-read the same books over and over again, and make killer mix tapes for friends and loved ones. She makes a mean guacamole and really hates Comic Sans.